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User Guide

Swift Community Apt Repository

Hosted on packagecloud.io

Supported Distributions

The Swift Community Apt Repository currently supports the following Distributions and architectures.
  Debian / Raspberry Pi OS - arm64/amd64
    - bullseye / 11
    - bookworm / 12
  Raspbian / Raspberry Pi OS (legacy)- armv6/7
    - buster
  Ubuntu - arm64/amd64
    - focal / 20.04
    - jammy / 22.04
    - lunar / 23.04
The repository also supports distributions that are based on the above list.
This includes many popular Linux distributions such as the following -
    Linux Mint
    Zorin OS


The Quick Install Script
The easiest way to get up and running with the Swift Community Apt Repository is to use the Quick Install Script.
  'curl -s https://archive.swiftlang.xyz/install.sh | sudo bash'
Step 1 - System Update and Install curl
First run a system update and upgrade.
  sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
Then install curl.
  sudo apt install curl
Step 2 - Run the quick install script
  curl -s https://archive.swiftlang.xyz/install.sh | sudo bash
The installer script will automatically detect whether your system is compatible with the repository.
Step 3 - Install Swift
  sudo apt install swiftlang
Step 4 - Check Swift version
  swift --version
Manual Installation
For manual installation please refer to the PackageCloud documentation.

Getting Help

If you need help or have an issue with the repository, please contact me via the Swift Forums.

Support This Repository

This repository and the supporting services are all maintained and financed by myself. Any support that you can give will be greatly appreciated.